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Who We Are

Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC (BLM) is a rapidly growing midstream company with assets ideally situated for the resurgence of the US Gulf Coast Petrochemical industry.

BLM provides liquids storage and pipeline transportation, as well as brine supply services for regional producers and consumers of petrochemicals, natural gas liquids (“NGLs”), olefins and natural gas.

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Our Operations

Operations are conducted through strategically located hubs serving two petrochemical industrial centers in Louisiana as well as one interstate ethylene pipeline, Evangeline Pipeline, owned by BLM’s affiliate, Boardwalk Petrochemical Pipeline (BPP), running from East Texas to the Mississippi River Corridor

  • Choctaw Hub: Pipeline assets located along the Mississippi River Corridor, salt dome storage and brine production assets near Plaquemine, LA, and brine production wells at salt-dome assets located in Napoleonville, LA
  • Sulphur Hub: Pipeline, salt dome storage and brine production assets located near the expanding Lake Charles petrochemical market
  • Evangeline Pipeline: Originating in Port Neches, Texas and extending to the Mississippi River Corridor with connections to BLM’s Sulphur Hub near Lake Charles and Choctaw Hub

BLM has significant expansion opportunities through the development of additional storage caverns (Choctaw, Sulphur and Napoleonville) suitable for a wide range of commodities and brine supplies.

Our Services

Pipeline Systems

Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC owns and operates ethylene, ethane, propane and propylene pipeline and distribution systems throughout southern Louisiana.

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Underground Storage

Choctaw Hub

BLM’s largest salt dome storage facilities are located approximately fifteen miles south of Baton Rouge at our Choctaw Hub near Plaquemine, Louisiana.

Sulphur Hub

At our Sulphur Hub near Lake Charles, Louisiana, we own and operate five active storage caverns, which are currently in ethylene, ethane and propane service.

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Brining Services

BLM and its predecessors have taken an active position as a brine supplier to the petrochemical industry in Eastern Louisiana, dating as far back as the 1930s, when solution mining operations began at the Bayou Choctaw salt dome.

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