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  • Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, operating through its subsidiary Boardwalk Storage Company, currently has over 11.2 Bcf of working capacity, with permits filed to bring working capacity to approximately 22 Bcf, at its Choctaw Hub facility, located just southwest of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Further cost effective expandability exists at the Choctaw site using existing infrastructure, driven by additional customer needs.      


    The Choctaw Hub is located northeast of the Henry Hub, one of the largest trading points for natural gas in North America, and is uniquely situated in the center of both supply and market demand. Both traditional and unconventional supply sources converge at Choctaw Hub with the Enterprise Acadian Haynesville connection adding 1.5 Bcf/d of shale supply to current conventional natural gas supplies.        


    Choctaw also sits at the gateway to the Mississippi River Corridor, an approximate 3 Bcf/d market with significant industrial, power generation, process and temperature sensitive load. Choctaw Hub connects with intrastate pipelines serving this load, in addition to interstate pipelines serving the growing natural gas-fired power generation markets in the Southeastern US.    


    The Choctaw Hub has bi-directional interconnects with three interstate pipelines (Florida Gas Transmission, Texas Eastern and Southern Natural Gas) and three intrastate pipelines (CrossTex LIG, Bridgeline, and the Acadian Haynesville extension), which provides access not only to additional intrastate markets, but also to the Perryville Hub and associated pipelines – Texas Gas, ANR Pipeline, Columbia Gas, Trunkline Gas, Transco Gas and Tennessee Gas via backhaul transportation.    


    After expansion, the Choctaw Hub will have maximum withdrawal capability of 750 MMcf/d and maximum injection capability of 450 MMcf/d, and as part of its FERC authorization, provides the following services under market-based rates:   


    •  Tariff services   
    •  Firm and Interruptible Storage Service   
    •  Firm and Interruptible Park and Loan Service   
    •  Wheeling service   
    •  Excess injection and withdrawal service   
    •  Interruptible Imbalance Trading Service   
    •  Interruptible Balancing Service  


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