• pipeline systems

  • Ethylene Pipeline Systems - Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream (BLM) operates ethylene pipeline and distribution systems in southern Louisiana.
    • BLM’s ethylene distribution system is an open-access system situated along the Mississippi River Corridor that consists of more than 120 miles of owned pipeline extending from the Baton Rouge area in the north to the Convent area in the south and a lateral south of Choctaw to the Georgia Gulf and Shintech chemical complexes. The system has 18 existing interconnections with consumers and producers of ethylene, the most of any system in Louisiana. In addition, through interconnections with the Evangeline Pipeline and pipelines owned by Dow and Shell, the system links ethylene producers in both Texas and the Lake Charles area to the Mississippi River Corridor. BLM also owns more than 8 miles of ethylene pipeline connecting the company's salt dome storage facilities at Sulphur, Louisiana, to Sasol's chemical complex in Westlake, Louisiana.
    Other Pipeline Systems - Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream's other pipeline assets include over 35 miles of propylene, ethane and E/P mix pipeline and over 44 miles of brine pipeline at its Choctaw Hub and 34 miles of connecting pipeline at its Sulphur Hub. Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream also operates extensive pipeline systems for customers such as Williams, Shintech and Total at its Choctaw hub.